Herstory - a new chapter begins...

Deanna is a singer songwriter, event producer, B&B hostess, mother, homemaker and cultural maven. 

Deanna's musical pilgrimage spans a lifetime of diverse experiences. Singing telegrams and choral tours to swingin' big band and gypsy-jazz, psychedelic rock to sacred ceremony. Her genre-fluid songwriting is a reflection of this odyssey and a recent return to her soul song is reaching into the depths of the human heart and mind with a deep reverence for humanity and our planet.

Her long awaited sophomore album has come to light and once again features some of Canada's finest musicians. A May 24th release will mark her resurgence as a songwriter honouring her lifelong dedication to the symphony of life and the profound connection between music, the soul, and our planet. With each note, she harmonizes a tribute to the heart's longing for serenity and the earth's yearning for healing.

Her move to the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada in 2017 brought great blessings. Secret Beach B&B Suites is not only a top rated accommodation with visiting guests from around the world but also where Deanna and her husband Dave Biggs team up to host their popular SoulShine Garden Concert Series, showcasing some of Canada's most cherished talent.  

Deanna's long history with the Canadian Jam Band scene was initiated in the early 90's as a co-founder of Ontario's Fat Cats. She currently satisfies her passion for this style and community with Vancouver's Grateful Dead Tribute - GD/BC.  

Deeply rooted in the Vancouver gypsy –jazz scene for over 20 yrs as the "sultry and dynamic chanteuse" of The Hot Club of Mars, Knight’s partnership with world renowned luthier and guitarist Michael Dunn landed the 7 piece ensemble many prestigious jazz and folk festival stages. The repertoire stretches well beyond swing...into bossa, tango, waltz, contemporary and chosen originals. You can still enjoy a special annual appearance (or two) when the Hotties reunite each summer.

Musical Projects

Deanna Knight Tree-O

Genre-fluid Ensemble

Live offering for D's original songs and inspired covers. A host of gifted musicians that most often include Simon Kendall & Finn Manniche though you might see Wynston Minckler, Karen Graves, Anna Lumiere and others on stage with Deanna. 


Grateful Dead Tribute

D sings harmony vocals with this popular 8 piece jam band featuring Gord Kushner, BRad Tidswel, Eric Stevenson, Jeffrey Kornblum, Tyler Gibson, Noel Peters,  Ed Johnson playing regularly in Vancouver and the surrounding area.

Deanna Knight & the Hot Club of Mars

Gypsy Swing Ensemble

Deanna celebrates 22 years as Vancouver's Chanteuse with this 5-7 piece gypsy-swing & world rhythms ensemble featuring Michael Dunn, Don Kellett, Bugzy Szabo, Mark Dowding, Joe Boucher & Tom Neville. A rare appearance still happens from time to time. 

A generous, double-dare you voice” - Phillip Bast

— K-W Record

Secret Beach B&B Suites

Owner-operator of this top rated ~ ocean view accommodation for buisness, pleasure and small groups. Located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada

Deanna and her family host guests from around the world at their very comfortable B&B located 10 minutes from the ferry and 3 minutes from the charming seaside village of Gibsons. Just moments from beautiful forests and the ocean’s edge, you’ll enjoy a distinct Pacific West Coast feel in themed suites featuring local artwork and photography. Panoramic ocean views, a charming breakfast nook, outdoor hot tub & shower, gardens, BBQ, fire circle and the popular SoulShine Garden Concert series are all for you to discover! VISIT SITE

Lovolution Ambassador

Deanna was in on the ground floor of this grassroots movement inspired by love and hope in favour of humanity, the earth, and all living beings everywhere, intended to create lasting, positive change.  Check out more on the Lovolution Movement HERE

Lovolution starts with you first. 
Heal yourself, heal the world.”

As smooth as fine whisky, D’s voice envelopes you and you are carried aloft. You simply drift away, unaware of the continuance of the world around you.” - Sheree Marrow

— Rambles Magazine

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