Time for change…

by Deanna Knight on August 14, 2017

Over a 6 week healing from surgery this spring, I had plenty of time to  contemplate my career, my family and lifestyle.  I’ve been on stage since I was 5. Early days were filled with musical theatre, choral tours and Kiwanis where much of the admin and details were taken care of. I hit the ground running after collage and dove deep into the hustle of the ever-changing music industry.  I co-founded a successful jam-band, backed and recorded with many fine songwriters, created a busy singing telegram service, wrote and recorded my first solo CD and had many interesting run-ins with label executives and music big-wigs.

I’ve shared songs in hospice, hotels, community parks, dance halls, schools, restaurants, festivals, gardens, street parties, carnivals, fairs, weddings, funerals, churches, conventions, rallies, ferries, …the list goes on. I’ve had the pleasure of fronting the fabulous Hot Club of Mars in Vancouver for the past 16 years and pulled together ensembles to share my “soul song” as well. I’ve even found time to share harmonies with Grateful Dead cover bands and started up another telegram service dedicated to new babies.

As the value of arts and community continue to degrade in this age of digital distraction, I find myself continuing to work hard for little financial gain. Artists wear all the hats these days and as great as it is to have creative control in this new digital era, we often don’t have the funds to build a team around us. Leaving us to be the manager, publicist, booking agent, social media expert, web master, accountant, radio tracker, musical director, stylist…..yaddah yaddah. The list goes on and YES the richness of these adventures often fill my heart with love and appreciation but unfortunately the hours put in average to about a “buck an hour” pay. This is not a great retirement plan :)

So – Some major changes are in the works. I can’t share details as of yet but the ball is rolling. Know that i will always find ways hit the stage and share my voice. I’m what they call a “lifer.” I was born to sing and bring happiness and healing to the world through song. I’m confidant that I have more songs inside of me, so I hope to find some quiet to have them surface and I do have plans to record another solo CD.  This journey has always been a magical one. Sometimes I just need to get out of my own way and let the magic unfold <3


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