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“The new Kiss of Fire CD includes two scorching hot tunes penned by Don Kellet, and some sultry Brazilian rhythms, too. Tom Neville – who joined the band after they released their debut CD Gypsy Fire – really excels on the new tunes with some inspired solos. And Deanna Knight’s voice soars and weaves its magic around classics like Lover Come Back To Me, J’attendrai, and the sensuous tango rhythm of the title track.”
-Steve Edge, Rogue Folk Club, Vancouver

“Chanteuse Deanna Knight adds just the right sultry vocal spice to the mix, adding energy and sex appeal to the band’s infectious rhythms, making THCM one of the most fun bands to see live – on this planet, or any other.”
- Steve Hill, The Chief, Squamish BC

“As smooth as fine whisky, D’s voice envelopes you and you are carried aloft. You simply drift away, unaware of the continuance of the world around you.”
- Sheree Marrow, Rambles

“her voice is unmistakable – and from the opening of her new CD, Shadow of a Star, it’s obvious that voice has found its proper home among her own songs and a great band”
- Jason Schneider, NightLife Magazine, KW Record

“This is an album you can sit down and listen to from start to finish and feel satisfied and content after you have done so. A true work of art! The lyrics on this album come from experiences, from the heart and soul, which Deanna delivers with an artistic and spiritual sincerity that will serve her well for years to come.”
- Stella Ducker, Oshawa Life

“In the shadows no longer, Deanna Knight travels by starlight”
- John Duarte, Clarington This Week

“Knight’s lovely voice handles each of the album’s eclectic styles with aplomb. Her songs are ‘lyric-heavy.’ They cry out for an audience that wants to listen to the words. Deanna has created organic, life-affirming, Earth-loving musical art”
- John Arkenlian, Durham Council for the Arts

“a generous, double-dare you voice”
- Phillip Bast, K-W Record

“An even bigger surprise was Deanna Knight who normally sings back-up with popular local neo-hippies The FatCats. There is no doubt she is hiding her light under a bushel in that band. She has a charming, funky stage manner and an intelligent way with material”
- John Kiely

“a powerful singer, songwriter and poet with an energy that heals the soul”
- Karla Ingleton,

“If you thought all knights were men and princesses women, you are missing out on one captivating conundrum….A beautiful female Knight with a voice of love that kills the demons… With great confidence and a sense of power, Knight’s voice penetrates the Spirit with delicate strength”
- Wendy Mutton

“Deanna is a dedicated solo performer, singing a cappella at coffee houses and women’s festivals, or performing a more rocking show with her jazz combo. Either way, it’s her voice that stands out – a vibrant, smokey voice that wouldn’t sound out of place on a scratchy 1930′s jazz LP.”

“The music has a lazy summer of love groove and the band’s strong point is the vocal harmony. It is not difficult to imagine, however, a somewhat different approach for this six-piece band. With a bit more rhythmic push and a greater emphasis on the cutting-edge vocals of singer, Deanna Knight, this would be a much different band. Some 25 years could fly by in no time at all”

“Whenever I hear Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, I’m always wishing that the lead mic was given to that gifted woman for just a little bit longer. Similarly, when I hear a band like Webb, I yearn to hear Deanna’s voice in full-force occasionally, in addition to the current predominantly back-up role”
- Dave Thomas, IMPRINT, 1992

“I’ve known Deanna for many years and had the pleasure of sharing the stage with her many times… that woman can sing!!”
- Rob Szabo, singer songwriter