My Own Creation – Uke song #3

by Deanna Knight on March 1, 2022

Picking up Ukulele in the spring of 2020 was a real treat for me. I’ve enjoyed performing as a singer for most of my life, hitting the stage at 5 years young. Songwriting came later in my 20′s and has been a magical experience with songs surfacing as melody and lyric often at the same time…..with no instrument to guide my way.  I hear so much beyond the melody and experimented with these sounds in my debut solo CD “Shadow of  Star” released in 2001. You can hear samples and purchase on Itunes HERE.

I’m working away on another batch of songs and have been in the initial phases of recording. Both Uke song #1 “Blessed to Witness” and #2 “Free To Be Me” were posted to Youtube upon what felt like completion. Seems I’ve come full circle in so many ways. The past 2 decades have been driven by my work with Vancouver’s Hot Club of Mars. Booking and managing this collection of merry musicians has been one of my greatest honours. World renowned luthier and gran-daddy of gypsy jazz Michael Dunn, took me under his wing months after my move from Ontario to BC in 2002. We have stirred up toe-tapping, swinging fun on endless stages at festivals, dance halls, restaurants and theatres. Not sure what the future holds for this project but I’m open and absolutely adore the Hot Club of Mars repertoire. That said – it is time for a little shift :)

A NEW CHAPTER – 2022 will see a focused shift from Hot Club chanteuse to singer songwriter. The Deanna Knight Tree-O will most often feature piano and bass, though I am privileged to know a great number of very talented musicians. Perhaps we will experiment a little as this  new project unfolds. I’m really trying to get my ducks in a row. So much so that I sm hiring some help :) If you or someone you know has skills in music marketing and a passion for heart and healing….please contact me directly. I have plans for a website upgrade perhaps to Bandzoogle? I’d like to  finally offer access to streaming both my solo work and The Hotties 2 CD’s. I could use an update and training on newer social networks, an Elist revamp, regular NEW Youtube posts and more.

NEW SONG – Uke song #3  My Own Creation
These newest songs are pretty raw still but I like to get them out into the world in this format. You can let me know what you think and I have a wee document of them in early days


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