My 50th Bday Jamboree

by Deanna Knight on October 24, 2018

50th (1)
Gosh we had a fabulous time celebrating  my 50th with some of my favourite musical guests. The festivities started at 2pm with little mini sets leading up to a fabulous jam on our garden stage then acoustic around the fire.

Guests included Bud & Heidi Kurz – harp and flute , Varya and Bill – violin and guitar, Micheal Friedman – guitar and voice, Chris Stone and Jeff Behrner with a little bluegrass folk, songwriter Chris Ronald and the amazing Reid Jamieson and saucy wife Caroline Victoria Mills. I did a small set with my old buddy Jane Milliken joining me on piano. The jam kicked off around 9pm and pulled in beat poet Andrew Bee and Tyler Gibson on keys. The jam was cooking real good until the police shut us down at 10:30. (oooops…we thought shut down would be 11pm)  We quickly moved to the fire until 2:30 with heart melting harmonies and Michael Friedman cooking up endless songs for us all join in on.  A super memorable night that proved the Secret Beach B&B stage will be a place for culture and community. …not to mention super fun sleepovers!

Oh yes – and the amazing Jerk Pan  Chicken Man Diego cooked us up some fine Jamaican chicken dinners….yum!

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