Lullaby Stork takes flight in Vancouver

by Deanna Knight on March 28, 2017



Finally!!! Lullaby Stork takes flight in the Vancouver area.

This has been a looooong labour and I’m so pleased to be able to offer this unique service to my community. Creating memorable experiences is one of my greatest joys as a performer. Especially if it revolves around a sacred moment with close friends and family.

Some of you may not know that I ran a singing telegram service in the Waterloo,Ontario region for many years throughout the 90′s. Balloon-a-toons kept food on the table, rent paid and gas in my car for 13 years. I was a one woman show and this little business kept me afloat and happily singing endless greetings dressed in a whole roster of characters.  No celebration was overlooked with the most popular being Birthdays, Anniversaries, New Babies, Retirements and Get Wells.

You can now book your very own singing telegram. I will arrive as feathered minstrel Lullaby Stork delivering your message in poetry and song. Create a unique and memorable experience for new parents, grandparents, colleagues and friends. I suspect that Baby Showers will be the most popular but lets think out of the box to CELEBRATE and WELCOME a NEW BABY at the hospital or once they arrive home. SHARE an exciting or long awaited BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT in this super fun and unique way or LIVEN UP a BABY SHOWER or GENDER REVEAL party ….which I hear is all the new rage these days!!!

I have created some extra fun by putting together what I am calling “Blessing Bundles” These are available in a variety of sizes and are added to the delivery to an added cost. They include a wide variety of locally sourced, eco-crafted baby gift items. So pleased to include products from Saje Natural Wellness, the Kootenay Soap Co., Bamboobino, Cookiella and more!

Visit and book TODAY!
Email : lullabystork(at)
Phone : 604 362 1280



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