Grateful Dead cover fun!

by Deanna Knight on February 3, 2017


As many of you know, I have a history playing Grateful Dead tunes and I just can’t seem to “shake” it :) This new line-up of fine musicians has found new inspiration to jam out these tunes for you folks and I get to play the relaxed role of harmony vocals….oh ya!!!

I have also been having fun with a new graphic design program making¬†some fun promotional tools. Loving that I can picture something in my mind and finally make it happen without hiring a graphic artist. If I had the cash…I would do that but I often don’t have anything extra, so this is a great solution and I get to have another creative outlet.

Since it is April Fool at the strike of midnight for this gig, we thought we would have some fun and ask folks to dress up in their best Merry Prankster garb!!

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