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by Deanna Knight on April 27, 2022

I had a wonderful , heartwarming time singing for the community at the White Rock – Centre for Spiritual Living last weekend.  Fortunately they ramped up their techy side and went online in early 2020. Now the whole world can tune in to their sunday service and enjoy the inspirational insights. I had the pleasure of sharing a few of my songs on April 24th and I will do it again on May 8th.

Here is topic for last week and I’m sure each week has plenty to offer your heart and soul. I performed Blessed to Witness, Carry Me Home and covered the classic Let It Be.

Creativity: Boldly Go….
So far, we have looked at the creative impulse in the individual, danced with our donkeys of resistance, transcended the world of effect to expand our visions, and embraced a higher idea of our own divinity.
What’s left? It’s time to get off our “nots” and bring our creative selves and whatever it is we are wanting to do, to the world. As stated in the monthly theme summary, when we dare to present our talents, gifts, and passions, we are both vulnerable and victorious.
Here’s the issue: if we want to be victorious, we must be vulnerable. We must open our hearts, let down our ego defenses, and dare to live authentically if we want the rewards of a life well-lived.
This week is not about judging the quality of a performance or assessing the efficacy of a product. This week is all about each of us knowing our authentic life purpose.

If you visit their site you can get the info on how to join the Zoom hour each week.
Perhaps I will see your smiling face on May 8th. HERE

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