Carry Me Home – debut

by Deanna Knight on May 13, 2022

I’m slowly getting my new crop of originals out into the world. I’ve shared several of these songs over the years on stage but yet to share them online or record them on a proper “CDish kinda dealio”
It all takes time but I assure you that I am chipping away at this and would so appreciate LIKES and COMMENTS and even subscribing to my Youtube channel, as I grow my online presence. It would mean a lot to me and encourage more songs to be posted :) ha!

Here is the online debut of Carry Me Home. This song was originally written in 2012 in my usual process of creating melody and lyric without an instrument. My personal thoughts on Heaven on Earth sparked the initial idea. Since then, I have had the unique pleasure of sharing this in palliative care, in hospice and at many Celebrations’ of Life. Funny how songs take on a life of their own. Perhaps it will stir a whole new meaning for you as well.

Screenshot (2)

Deanna Knight – vocals
Simon Kendall – piano
Finn Maniche – cello
Filmed by Rod Matheson @ St. Bart’s in Gibsons, May 2019

© 2012 Deanna Knight, Dave Biggs, Jane Milliken, SheMoon Music Canada / SOCAN

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