A new song!!! Introducing Blessed to Witness

by Deanna Knight on November 10, 2020

Well, never say never. I couldn’t imagine that I would accompany myself on stage with this new little ukulele friend but that is exactly what happened this summer on our garden stage at Secret Beach B&B. I purchased a tenor uke back in February with the hope that it may inspire some new songs…..and that is exactly what happened. As some of you may know, I am not a prolific writer but I’m very proud of the songs that I have written. I’ve been on stage most of my life alongside tremendously talented musicians but have yet to master an instrument myself. Seems I don’t have the patience, self discipline or neurological make-up for this and it sure doesn’t get any easier as I age. This sweet instrument has brought much joy in these Covid days. I opened each summer concert on our garden stage with this new song called Blessed to Witness. A response to Covid with a hopeful message for our human evolution. Please give a listen and if you are so inclined, please like, share and add a comment on YouTube. I have made a personal commitment to populate more video online and comments sure help inspire me to do that……thnx bunches.

Lets hope that humanity is ramping up for some much needed healing. As we recognize beauty all around us and focus on gratitude for what we have instead of what we want….perhaps LOVE will lead the way to better days for us and future generations. I am an eternal optimist with a number of new songs that are to be recorded this winter with a similar theme. Keep well and Keep safe out there and thanx for listening HERE


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