A celebration of song and dance

by Deanna Knight on June 30, 2023


A beautiful collection of musicians, singers and dancers. Various styles of music with roots in a few different countries. From Latin with some intricate flamenco stylings to a little swamp water Jazz, heartfelt female vocalists, African drumming by Jean-Pierre Makosso!  We are so pleased to collaborate with him and all the fantastic musicians: Deanna Knight, Simbi, Levi Perjue, of Silver Moon Gallery, and Bradley Wells!  Creative Dance is special because the music and the moment lead it. You may recognize aspects of many dance styles in it as the dancers are free to express fully without limits or specifications in the design. It is alive, moved by the moment, the MUSIC, and all the energy in it. That includes your energy as you delight in the music and dance performance. Gabriel will dance a variety of dance forms, some creative dance his mother and producer of this show.

As the poster below states: Tickets are for sale for cash at outlets across the Coast:  (cash at the door too – if it’s not sold out)

One Flower One Leaf Gallery – Lower Gibsons
Gibsons Florist – Sunnycrest Mall
MELOmania music store – Roberts Creek
Strait Music – Sechelt

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